I was planning to buy the Jackson Dinky DXMG and I noticed that there was a note saying that it is the 2008 model. Does Jackson release a new model of this same guitar every year? I noticed it has been recently discontinued so this is what I am thinking right now. I was going to buy the guitar tomorrow but I was curious to know if they are going to release a 2009 version of this guitar soon seeing as the 2008 model is discontinued. If there were to be a 2009 version, I was wondering if I should hold out and buy it when it comes out.

Here's the guitar:

if its there is a 2009 version, then more than likely it will be almost identicle other than being made in 2009 and not 2008, i would say go for it, but i know nothing specific. as far as i know.... they do not add things like different pickups each year, or it would be considered a different model, like dxmg2 or soemthing
It's a good guitar. Go for it.
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