i don’t know
where i’m going to
but when i cross
your path
i’ll make sure
to look in to
your eyes
and when they look
back in to mine
our sensibilities will
the fireflies
will light our sky
the widow sings
the song of songs
the kin of kings
they will survive
through thick and crime
come so close
each and every time
and we’ll fly away
oh we’ll fly away
somewhere safe
far from here

look at you
sitting in the sun
with your smile on
so bright
look at me
laying in the grass
the ever-chirping crickets
won’t shut up tonight
but it’s alright
we’ve got the time
to spend away
to spend away
so hold me close
i’ll hold you closer
the ladybugs
on the window sill
they’re thriving now
the winter will kill
all of the trees they loom
and the flowers bloom

and we’ll fall in love
oh we’ll fall in love
in the summer time
i’ll have to make you mine

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