I've been teaching myself guitar for a little over a year now, and although I've been making great progress I feel as though I've hit somewhat of a dead end. I am going to seek lessons soon, but until then, what's my next step? I don't know a lot of music theory, as I have taught myself solely from tabs. For an idea of where I am, I play a lot of Metallica (considering I have a FR setup and they play in mainly Standard E tuning) but the only solos of theirs I know are the one to Enter Sandman and the intro solo of Fade To Black. A lot of the songs or song pieces I know aren't really worth listing because they're easy things that I learned for fun. I guess I would say I'm in the early Intermediate range, but obviously there is no way to gauge that so I don't really know. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Time to learn some penetonic scales I'd say. This was the hardest, and most rewarding thing for me.

I used this site a lot, but there are other places as well. http://www.all-guitar-chords.com/guitar_scales.php

For me, it was a lot like work playing scales over and over and committing them to memory. But then I found myself improvising within the scales, and it sounded good! That's when guitar got to be fun for me. When I could express myself, and not just play someone else's notes.
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Learn about some theory and chord construction from the lessons on UG. Then you can learn pentatonic and your major scale and modes and understand how they work.
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