its a 40 watt marshall vlavestate and when I turn it uop loud with the boost, it has a really terrible high pitch noise that is really loud and sharp. Its not the pickups are too close because it makes the noise even when Im as far away as possible. Is it the amp or my pickups? The amp also occasionaly kicks out.
ummmm.try turning down then amp then back up... i had that problem before..AMP prob...sometimes its the guitar.
it always does it no matter what and it has a kinda dirty sound to it even without the boost.
Use a different guitar and cord that you know doesn't make hum.

And try your guitar with a different cord as well.
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I know its not the cord or guitar because ive used them on different amps
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Try moving your amp around and standing in different spots when you play. A lot of feedback issues are just to do with the acoustics of the room.
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too much gain/speakers are pooping out. (i'm assuming it's an old amp).
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It's sometimes the guitar, check out the input jack and resauter if ou need to.