I noticed that when my Peavey Blazer 158, even when the switch is flicked to "off", I hear a buzzing sound, constantly. If I unplug the amp from the wall, it stops, but it is kind of tedious to plug the amp into the wall every time I want to play. My mother is afraid it'll cause a fire.
Does anyone else get this with their amp?
does it only do it in that outlet or all of them ?
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does it only do it in that outlet or all of them ?

This. My old Crate used to pick up radio stations in the living room outlet of my last apartment. Outlets can cause a lot of unusual problems with amp noises...
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no mine doesn't buzz when its off. but the speakers on my 20 something year old TV do. how old is the amp
I don't know exactly how old the amp is, it's from a secondhand shop but as far as I can see, everything looks like mint condition including the cord and inside.