I've just posted these recently, and would appreciate any useful comments, and will return the favor if you have anything you're looking for advice on as well. The songs are in my profile. Thanks in advance.
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The Brighton rock solo is almost there. It's quite a tricky little solo and it's very difficult to replicate the delay time and the tone. It's a good attempt but it's not quite there just yet but with a little more practice I'm sure that you'll nail it.
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The only thing I don't like about the Comfortably Numb solo (#2) is the tone. It's too muddy for my taste, sounds almost like Santana instead of the crisp, bright sound that David Gilmour is known for. Playing is pretty much spot on from what I can hear though. 8/10
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Yeah, I'm not a big fan of your sound. Listening to it with headphones on it all sounds fuzzy and muffled. Execution of the solos could use a little work, but you've got most of it.