Hi Gang,

Long time reader, first time poster. I'm putting two gibson 57 classic pickups in my american strat. Here's the parts list so far (comments appreciated):

3x 500k pots, 2 tone one volume
3 way selector switch
Orange Drop .022 caps
Custom Warmouth Pickguard

Now my questions:

How do the gibson pups mount? Will I need those soapbar looking brackets? My strat pups have a little rubber spacer that sit between the pups and the pickguard. Will I need these for the gibsons?

Also, I'm considering buying this solder: http://guitarelectronics.zoovy.com/product/WAS5
,wil I need rosin/flux with this or is it ready to go? Can anyone recommend a better solder?

Finally is it ok to use copper shielding for the pickguard? My strat has regular silver foil shielding, but I found the copper cheaper.

Many thanks, I've learned much from this forum!
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i think they just mount normally... put pup in pickguard, put screw through hole in pickguard and pup, raise as needed
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What I would be concerned about is string spacing.
If I remember corectly, '57s would be spaced 49.4mm pole to pole whereas the string spacing on your Fender would be 53mm.
If you know what I'm talking about then you already know this.

As for the mounting, you don't need pickup rings but you can attach them just for looks if you want. You'll have to see when you go to mount them if you need the rubber spacers, it depends on how high you want to mount them. Most pickups ship with the necessary hardware.

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Yeah, I would make sure that the pickup poles (is that what we're calling them?) line up with the strings. Strat trems have wider string spacing then a guitar without a trem. I could be mistaken, but I don't think it will really affect the sound if they don't line up? Please someone with more knowledge answer that question

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From what i've read, it would give a slight drop in volume, no major tone loss, but some people say it does
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