I know, I ripped off a Blink-182 song... I liked the phrase.
This song shifts between light hearted indie and hard rock...
I've got it set up to just use MIDI, because I was using custom RSE patches, so turn RSE OFF.

Lyrics -

She's the sweetest thing, the angel from my nightmare.
The melody she sings brings me to my knees.
There's comfort in her wings, but clearly it's a nightmare.
Clearly It's a dream

She wraps her arms around me, with this becomes my prison.
Between her palms compressing, death grants me no salvation.
No, no, don't let her fool you, it's just a sick deception.
Attention, and affection, don't let her collect from you.


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well that was fun.

I saw nothing wrong with it.
...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...
Intro riff was good. when the chords came in, i changed it to over driven guitar. to me sounds better.
I liked the first bar of the riff of the build up. for the 2nd, and possibly third and fourth, i would change the first note to a chord progression used later in the song. i (if that makes sense) instead of moving the whole riff down a string.
Riff at 33. so so good. very coheed and cambria. all of is actually. the vocal melody aswell.
would have like a vocal melody in the chorus.
solo pretty good. standard, but good.

whole song pretty much reminds me of coheed and cambria. the riff at 33 is def my fav bit.



Thanks guys. Saying it sounds Coheedish is the greatest compliment you could give me. Definitely inspired by them.

It actually is supposed to be overdriven when those chords come in... I'll try and upload a wav of it with my RSE patches so you can see how I envision it. In my updated version I brought the bass in a little earlier, so you can tell it's a vi-iii-IV, like the verse, not just a vi-iii.

I'm a pretty mediocre guitarist, so the solo is very representative of how I play.

I'll definitely crit you back when I'm not on my iPhone.

This Guy is Stupid.