Im trying to book a show with LA thrashers Bonded By Blood (earache records) + Exmortus (Heavy Artillery) + Witchhaven and local thrashers, Konquered.

We're in the works with a club right now but they want an odd sum of money in order to have the place booked so we we're just wondering if any of you guys wanna come out for this date of the Masters of Disaster tour since its going to be confirmed based on attendance. The club is real nice and intimate and the bands will be hanging around.

It would be 6-10pm held at Club Europa in Brooklyn, New york.

anybody interested?
Wrong forum.

Edit: Wait is it? GAAAaaa*runs away*
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Bonded by Blood and exmortus ****ing rule i'm definitely gonna be there!

thanks and yeah its gonna be on hell of a bill if it goes through.
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wait is there a way my band can play? we are in brooklyn and play mallcore

You want to play mallcore at a thrash gig?