So there's this Masters of Disaster tour going on right now. Featuring Bonded By Blood with opening acts such as Exmortus and Witchaven.

Anyway on march 28th, they were supposed to play a show in NY, but some problems resulted in the show being cancelled.

My band contacted their tour managers and we can bring then to NY but we have to know if anyone would actually come.

Tickets would be 10 bucks a piece for the three aforementioned bands and 2 local Brooklyn bands, Konquered and Z Paul. The show would be about 4-5 hours.

We are going to need at least 50 people to come.

Would any fellow UG'ers from the NY area be willing to come witness this thrash madness?

March 28th.
~6PM - ~10PM
Club Europa (Nice F*cking Place!)
All Ages welcome, must be 21 to drink

If in doubt, check out the kick ass songs:
Bonded By Blood
Z Paul Band
Those guys are friends of ours from back here in Southern California, and worth going to see. Good luck getting the show together.