I got a project Epiphone Strat copy, and I decided to rebuild it. Installed a new nut, new bridge saddles, painted the bridge (white, it looks really cool), and finally wired it. It's now pretty much my beater guitar. The major problem is that, due to fret buzz around the 15th, I had to raise the saddles to an unreasonable height. So, I assume that since the bridge and neck are factory, it must be the truss rod. Now, since the buzz is closer to the body, which way should I turn the truss rod? I can make small adjustments and test them out. i just need to know which way to turn.

Thanks guys!
You might have to do some file and leveling of your frets, as well. I've got an epi strat copy, and where I grew up all we had were epiphone/gibson and fernandes dealers in the area, so I've seen ALOT of epiphone strats and most of them had pretty good fretwork. It does depend on the model. Is it a batwing or hockey-stick head stock? Fat or S? 210 or 310 model? If it's a batwing 310 model, it's probably got great fretwork (I know mine does!) if it's a hocky-stick 210 model, I'd get them frets leveled.

edit: also, when you do adjust the truss rod: make sure that you use the correct allen wrench (I don't know what size my epis have, I just try my wrenches until I find one that fits, but never turn it unless you know it fits) so you don't strip the nut. Then you're in trouble.

Do not turn it more than a quater turn at a time, either. Give it a little twist, let it settle, tune up, adjust your bridge, try it out and repeat until you're happy.

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