Hey everyone,

So I've had this Boss DD-7 for about 4 months now, and it's been fine. Today I tried to use it with my rig for the first time in a couple of weeks (had been using it just on a practice amp for a while) and it made this horribly loud humming noise. I moved it to the effects loop and that reduced (but did not eliminate) the noise. I've heard of this problem with this specific pedal before... is there an easy way to fix it? Or are there certain situations that would specifically create a hum?

The worst hum was when I put it after my wah pedal (GCB-95) and then into the amp (Vox VT). Through the effects loop (by itself) was not as bad.

Any pointers?
The only thing that I would think it might be is the battery - if you leave boss pedals with a cord in the input it saps the battery, just an idea.
If you are using a battery, try using the ac adapter.

Also, did you change any other equipment besides the amp? Did you change guitars? Try different cords maybe.
I actually get more hum with my FX loop
(and I tend to create overdrive when I use my (well, DD-6).
I like to turn level and feedback all the way up and mess with the delay time)
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