i`ve been playing guitar for about 3 years. for last 2 years, i`ve got many new things in technique. i listen to satriani. i feel, i`m good enough at lead, but very bad at rhythm. i play in a band too. my band consist of only 4 persons(vocal, drum, bass, guitar). sometimes i feel really bad in rhythm. the bassist often becomes more dominant than me. i admit it, my rhythm is absolutely bad! i`ve tried many forms and types of chord, but it still sound bad. it`s just like "there is no harmony in every song we played"
do u understand what i`m feeling now? so, any suggestion?
i have no time for that school band. some say that i have to find a sound setting i like.
i`ve been trying to find that sound! but the result is nothing!
Whats your theory like? Do you understand what chords will fit with what, how to construct them, inversions etc...if not learning some might help.

And is it just which chords to play or the rhythm itself? Cos I reckon thats just practice - to a metronome or something else that has a beat you can follow, make up your own rhythms and just strum away