So, lately, my amp has been having issues. I was performing at a school event with my band, and right in the middle of the song, my amp completely cut out on me. So, I turned the amp off, and back on, and it was working. But then, about 30 seconds later, it cut out again in the middle of the solo. So, needless to say, I was pissed.
I got to thinking about it, and I realized that it might be because I have it plugged into a power strip with my adapter and another amp. it might be too much for the amp or something. So, at the next event, I plugged the amp into it's own separate outlet, and didn't have any troubles.
At this time, I feel it necessary to note. It only does the thing where it cuts out whenever it's at a higher volume for gigs.
Anyways, today at practice, I had it plugged in again to a powerstrip with my effects pedal and another amp (bass amp used for a mic.), and it cut out really bad again.
So, I plugged it into it's own seperate plug-in, and this time, it cut out a little bit, but not very much. Still, it was a notable volume decrease.
So, my question is, does anyone know wtf is going on??
Oh, and for the record, it's a Line 6 Spider II (I know, **** amp, right)
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Yeah they do that. They can also shut off and eternally fail if you don't plug both speaker wires into the back. Some even sound pretty good soft and really bad loud.

Sell it on ebay and get a good combo amp. And to quote someone on these forums, "Unless your drummer is Chuck Norris, you don't need 100 watts."

50 tube watts through a combo amp is ridiculously loud!!!
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sounds like a bad solder joint inside somewhere...no good. Assuming that's the reason, a tech would have to resolder every joint in the amp, which would take hours and cost more than the amp is worth. And might not fix the problem.
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