Ok so my roomie and guitar buddy just bought a Peavey Jsx to replace his solid state which means im due to replace mine as well cause im sick of the digital sound it produces. My budget is a bit lower than his and i doubt i can find an amp with that kind of wattage, but i know a guy who is selling a Mesa Boogie DC-3 head and cab for under $1000 but i cant seem to find a lot of info on them online. From what i do hear though this baby is supposed to be f---ckin loud so my question is...

Has anyone heard or had any experience with these amps?

I know Mesa is one of the best companies out there ... im looking for a rich lead tone .... something with a little grit in the cleans and a nice rich overdriven tone as well.... im thinking Andy Timmons or something along those lines... i would be using a steve Vai jem as my main axe

i hear these things have a huge headroom so im hoping even next to a 120 watt JSX that this thing will rip. But that being said does anyone know whether this head would run a 4x12 or 4x10 cabinet and whether that would be a huge difference over a 2x12?

Any and all help here is appreciated!
Never had one of them, but my lucky friend has a Mark III. The actual... Mark III...

Moving past my jealously, turning it to appreciation, it really is a fantastic amp. But yes, it's loud. I can't recall if the Mark III had a headphone jack, but if yours does, go crazy.

EDIT: Where are you getting one? To me, Mesa's are... like extinct around my town. Every GuitarCenter around doesn't have them and I can't find them online other than ebay.
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Tube amps usually don't have headphone jacks, so no the Mesa won't have one.

It's a damn good amp though, and it can run any cabinet. I would suggest a 2x12 though, simply because it doesn't make a huge tonal difference and is more portable.
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Yeah i know mesa amps are hard to come by even around here, long and mcquade carries a few nice ones, i think ive seen a dual or triple rectifier and a lonestar..... but theyre really damn expensive, i dont see a lot of used mesas and although i cant find much on this amp i doubt mesa could make a bad amp amp ...

If i could manage to get a bit more cash theres a few decent peavey combos and an ibanez thermion down at music maxx but i'd have to get into financing for that most likely....

ahh ive been wanting to upgrade for so long and ive got bad G.A.S. .... i need to do something....