I'm pretty new to recording and stuff. I use reaper to record and ive got a few songs done but i don't know how to master them. can anyone tell me how i do that?
Yeah, you should learn how to EQ and don't think of the mix from a guitarists view, always listen to it as a whole,

every listener wants to hear every instrument, many recordings have the drums drowned out by the guitar, since it was a guitarist who recorded it.


A helpful site, also, Get a compressor, and google for some tutorials on compressors

Mastering is everything you do on the master BUS i normally just use a compressor, sometimes a BBE sonic maximizer works wonders depending if the mix is a bit dark,

Always listen to other mixes while mixing too (professional mixes that you like the sound of/ want to sound like) and compare. sometimes helps with me.
Some sound advice above (pun intended). I'm relatively new to mixing/mastering and picked up T-RackS for my EQ, Compression, Limiting. I'm happy with it so far.