It isn't possible to do that, sorry. You'll just have to tab it out yourself.
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how most of poeple send the guitar pro tab at ultimate-guitar?
how they do that(converte) at new song..
assuming your not a troll...

tab it out by ear, using guitar pro to record what you figure out.
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i don't believe it..
how power all of people who send the guitar pro tab to this web..
respect, awesome !!
You sit down with your guitar and listen to the song, and work out what the notes are til you can play along with the track...then you stick those notes into pro tab or powertab, and voila!
Quote by pidot88
how they transcribe the song?

They listen to it by ear and figure out how it is played then write it into guitar pro.

It would be very simple if we could convert recordings into guitar pro - luckily it isn't because being able to tab by ear is very important to learn and takes years to develop.
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brother i've a solution its as convert mp3 files to midi by converter mp3 to midi

then theres a converter named mid converter this converts midi files to gp3,gp4

i hope you can do that by this way