Well long story short I can pretty much do anything skill wise except eight finger tapping. And Since i never had a wammy on my guitar i never was able to do anything in that area.

So now i got this nice new, Ibanez, And i have been getting dive bombs down easy, but i wanna do those weird whammy bend affects like dragonforce, steve vani, an other virtuoso.

I know if i practice correctly i will get it down. But I am not sure how to start?

So help much appreciated.

( I play classical, an all metal if that helps )
Steve vani? LOL I know what you meant.

Just expearement with ideas. Harmonics, rapid vibrato, slaming the bar slightly to warble, going up and down a scale useing one freted note and the bad....... It's endless
XD Screwed up on that whoops.

And ah i see, that makes sense. I guess i should start stocking up on strings.. this sounds like im gonna be brutal on them.

But i dont know i never break strings. So i may get lucky
Okey first of all do not rape the guitar like Herman Li. The guy is ****ing up his guitar so much, the floyd rose system will one day break from his guitar.

Just test the floyd rose system (I am guessing you are using a floyd rose system right?). Work a bit around it. Like Dragonforce often does is play one note and rape the system by going up and down on it creating these wierd effects.
Look for instructional videos and also just see if you can't create some nice sounds yourself by using slides and the whammy system at the same time.

Oh yeah - stock up on strings.
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One thing that I do which is pretty fun is to play a 12th fret harmonic, usually on the G or B string, and then I do a dive (not a super low dive) and just tap the 5th fret harmonic of the same string and pull up on the whammy bar. After that I may do a little shaking of the whammy put then it's all preference. To test how low you dive needs to be you can play the harmonic, do a dive and see how far you can go where the note will still hold without any noise when you come back up. You don't pick the 5th fret harmonic you just tap it with your finger. So basically:
*= natural harmonic, <---= Whammy down, ---> Whammy up T=tap

I would post a video, but I can't find my camera charger
Actually no, no floyd rose , Thank god..

Just a basic semi hollow ibanez with a whammy, an my flat dean with no whammy.

Thanks to all of you, for giving me some ideas, I've been practicing, and got a bit better :cheers

I didnt know herman was ****ing up his guitar so much.

I have been laerning vinnie moores melt down , an trying to get adusted to shredding an flying my hand down to the bar an raising an whamming.

but ill get it

( and yea slides an pinch harmonics with weird whammy dives an shakes are sounding pretty sick right now )
Squeals. Haha, you'll annoy so many people playing them endlessly

Wait, that really is only effective with a floyd though....
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I didnt know herman was ****ing up his guitar so much.

Haha he ****s your ears up even more!