I'm not computer savvy, so I used to rely on proxy sites, but those are blocked, too, now.

Our filter blocks weird categories, though. It blocks "media" and "government" sites.
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We're not telling you how to bypass school filters so you can go searching for vida.
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Easy. Fun Firefox from a memory stick. Gets around EVERYTHING. does in my school anyway. i didnt use it but they had to go and block UG....

They even blocked amazon which i need for my ICT coursework, so now i have to use it do my work...
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Click Start, Run. Then type PING http://www.(insertwebsitehere).com

It should say up the top an IP Address. Just type that in your browser. This only works if the school hasn't blocked you from using command prompts.
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Here's a crazy idea.

Do your schoolwork.

Um, when a teacher gives me free time to use the school computers for fun, I'm not going to spend it doing work.
Can't you use a proxy?
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