Alright so after having sold my Ibanez RG 1570 last year, I'm going to get a new guitar.
This time without one of those stupid Floyd's.

Anyone have any recommendations? I'm looking for something with a not too thick, but fast neck, something that gives a nice full sound for rock, hardrock and metal (alice in chains, Tool, Van Halen etc), NO TREMOLO, and anywhere up to 1000 euros, preferably less, though, because I'm saving up for an Engl Screamer as well.

EDIT: the guitars I was thinking about are

Schecter Diamond C7 Blackjack

Gibson Les Paul Studio

Dean ML Silverburst

Agile Dual Intrepid

anyone have any experiences with these guitars, or have any other suggestions?
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Quote by Dio10101
MLs are great buit that silverburst one would need a pickups change. The 8-string looked cool too.

yeah, I'm probably gonna swap the pickups, regardless of which of those guitars I get. a six string would get the Seymour Duncan SH-4, a 7 string a Dimarzio and the 8 string would get a hand-wound Lundgren pickup from sweden
You'll have to pay import taxes for the Agile, so it won't be as cheap in the end as you might think.
The LP is nice, but as always with Gibson, you'd have to try a bunch and buy the one you like best because they vary in quality a lot.
Schecters are nice, but there's better stuff if you're willing to spend up to 1000€. Unless you really really want a 7-string, I'd dismiss that one.
I don't know about the Dean, sorry.

My suggestions:
In Europe, Framus is a relatively cheap option for professional instruments. If you want something new, look at the Renegad model:
The version with the clear finish is cheaper. Looks like a turd, but plays and sounds great:

Otherwise, their Diablo model is worth a look. It has a trem though. I don't really think it's much of a deal, I have a trem on my Strat, too, and I just block it. The Diablo is way more versatile than the Renegade, so it's worth a look imo:

Your best bet imo is a used Framus Camarillo. It's an absolutely outstanding rock and metal guitar. I don't know why, but even though it's relatively similar in construction to the Renegade and Diablo, it sounds two times as mean and agressive. They cost 1400€ new, but used ones can be found for 700€-800€. They pop up on ebay often enough. There's one there right now, but it's not a used one, but a floor model for 1099€. But they are willing to lower the price if necessary. I really advise you to have a look at this. Imo, it's a phenomenal guitar.

EDIT: All of those have the SH4 already, if you care.
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oh, thanks for that Gibson tip, I didn't know that.
and yeah, I calculated the import taxes for the agile but it still won't be more than 600 euros altogether, which is still perfectly fine. I was also thinking about asking my relatives in the USA to have it shipped to them, then ship it to me as a gift, thus having possibly slightly higher postage but no import tax. I dunno, I'm still looking into it.
and my problem with framus is and has always been the visuals. those guitars really do look like turds, I'd be embaressed to wear them on stage

well, obviously I'm exaggerating, but I dunno, I'll still try 'em out, maybe I'll be blown out of the water, german amps and cymbals are awesome, and as far as I know, Framus is a german brand as well? I'll definately try em.

thanks Quailman!

EDIT: yes, that is a definately plus with the pickups.
and that camarillo doesn't look to bad, I'll try it at the store and see if I can get it used if it's convincing.
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Used SG of a sixties design?

Or a Cort EVL Z6 EMG 81/60 mix

Top end Gordon Smith is classy.
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