We are a young modern rock band Noisebleed from Estonia and are currently struggling against an emo band in a competition.
http://www.myspace.com/noisebleedest -- listen to our music here and if you happen to like it, please vote for us: http://publik.delfi.ee/news/noorteband/article.php?id=21744143 (scroll down a bit -- the vote is under the ad)
Winning this vote would help our band develop a lot and make many of our dreams come true. I hope you help us keep heavy music alive. We are only a few votes behind .

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We only need 90 votes to get to the 1st place. Could you please do that favor to us? We've never been so close to getting this gig before.
Rahvahääletuse võitis Noisebleed.
Woops, alles nüüd lugesin, vedas!
Pealegi, Brain Norralt, PWNS at drums.
Ma õpin björn norralti juures, ja ükskord mängisin tema drummimängu peale.
(Tbh, i still suck) :P