Alright I was just trying to get some suggestions about a distortion pedal that I should get. I have an Epiphone G-400, and currently have a Fender Frontman 10G as my amp, and I'm probably gonna get a Line Six Spider 3 15 or 30 Watt. I play mostly punk rock and metalcore, so I was wondering which pedals would get me the best distortin for the music I play. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
You don't need any pedals, just buy a decent amp and you'll be fine - and that means no Spider.

Look at the Peavey Vypyrs or Roland Cubes and see which one suits you best.
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For Punk I never use a pedal since I like the distortion of my amp, but I think people in Punk (maybe you´ve read that either) swear on Big Muffs. I´ve seen somebody distorting with a Jackhammer either. It also depends on which kind of Punk you´re willing to play.
the Jackhammer is an awesome pedal, but it needs some time spent tweaking it.

but, as other people have said, don't waste time or money on a pedal, a new amp would do you better.
Yeah it depends on if you have gigs and how big they are. If `you`re only going to practice a pedal can be a waste of money... If you have a gig two times a year and it`s only one song for your family and stuf it`s not necessary if your amp has a good dist and some effects on it...
Dude I just got my Digitech Hardwire Metal Distortion and the best I have. Beats my Metal Muff, Boss Metal core, and Boss Overdrive anyday. And did I mention that it's pretty?
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If youre gettin a line6 you dont need pedals, maybe u should ask about gettin a foot switch to change from clean to dis. If you realy want a good dis. pedal i'd recommend a 'boss metalzone' pedal, good for metal!
Get yourself a Peavey Vypyr 15. Look up its features somewhere.
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