So the month has come to a close and the entries are all in. Now we have to get started decided on a winner and, for this, we need your help.

This will be a confirmation threads. Here users will confirm the entry they have submitted. I have a list, where I will check off each user as they provide the link to their work. This keeps people from editing their posts in the other threads and claiming that they had put forth an entry when, actually, they didn't.

Users with a definite entry need to provide the accurate link. Here is how you do it.

If the piece is in your profile, go to this page. Here you can search for a specific mp3. Search for your own, click on it, then copy the link and post it here.

If the piece is a guitar pro file, then you need to host it somewhere online. Then, provide the link in your confirmation post.

The reasoning behind this is that I will be compiling a personal list, from your posts, to use in the judging process. Users have one week to confirm their entry. If it is not confirmed then they are disqualified from the competition. This means that you have until midnight GMT on the 27th March.

I will be breaking down the entried into groups. By the looks of things, there will be four groups in total. You can not vote on a group containing your own work. You can vote on the other groups though. The method of judging will be as follows:

Group Name:
Entry 1
Entry 2
Entry 3
Entry 4
Entry 5

As a judge, you will aware three entries points. One entry will receive three points. One will receive two and one shall only receive one. Only three of the five entries will receive posts, so it will look something like this:

Group Name:
Entry 1
Entry 2 - 2pts
Entry 3
Entry 4 - 3pts
Entry 5 - 1pt

From this we will add up the scores at the end of the judging period and the two with the highest score will advance. The other three will not. It's as simple as that.

Anybody can judge within the judging period, as long as it is not their own entry. On the 28th March, the first group will be judged. Likely the period will be short - only a day or two so that we can move on.

Okay everybody, confirm your entries so that we can start compiling. Thank you to everybody who entered, or even to people who worked on a song they couldn't get in. Thank you for making this a very fun experience. If you need any help, don't hesitate to e-mail me at tom.colohue@ultimate-guitar.com
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ive tried to upload mine to my profile but i dont know how to change the bitrate. any help with that?

Is the file in an mp3 format?
The following people did not make it on time, so their entry has had to be disqualified.
Archeo Avis

EDIT: The judging has commenced. Due to a linking issue I've decided to host it in only one area. For the First group judging, please click here.