I currently have a boss sd-1 and a Voodoo lab sparkle drive and they both sound like ass for what I want them for.

Im playing in front of a Bugera 333xl and need a pedal to tighten up my lead channel for metal. Any ideas without breaking the bank too much?
Ibanez TS9, there are a lot of threads on here about using that infront of your head to tighten it up.

Correct me if i'm wrong.
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take your sd-1, go to your lead channel . set the sd-1 to full volume with no gain. problem solved
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Quote by jordanzio
take your sd-1, go to your lead channel . set the sd-1 to full volume with no gain. problem solved

Not problem solved, jackass.
I'm looking for basically what the sd-1 does, with better quality and tone.

Any opinions on the ts-9? Ive also heard the maxon ts808 is good?
The Sparkle Drive is an 808 clone, so I wouldn't go shopping for another 808 if it's not doing what you want. But I usually found tonal bliss with my Soldano Decatone taking the Sparkle Drive and running the aforementioned Gain-0, Level-10 settings with the Clean and Tone each sitting at about 3 or 4.

Try working with the amp as well, give it less bass and more mids, and use a touch more treble than you think you need. A TS-9 is has more gain on tap than the 808 type overdrives and might be better suited to what you need. I'd also look at a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET.
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TS, is it really necessary to be a dick like that?

anyway, seems like not having an acceptable metal tone is stressin' ya, i suggest Fulltone Fulldrive II, with an EQ pedal.

i don't think there's really a 'best OD pedal for metal' as much as there is a pedal that will compliment your amp's gain, and i'd say that FIRST you need to have an amp that was made to be capable of metal tones- but you've already got that, so if the DS-1 is CLOSE or in the right direction of you want, but just lacking the quality in sound of a higher level pedal, then yea a better OD is in order. However, if you're not even close with the DS-1, i'd look into an EQ pedal first.

good luck man
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I'm using a Boss ge-7 EQ, its not that.
It's just that the Boss sd-1 is rubbish.

I got a bunch of new pedals yesterday:
So basically my setup as is follows:
Schecter Tempest custom emg 81/85 (in shop atm)
Schecter c-1 classic with BKP Painkillers
mxr dynacomp,
Boss dd7
Mxr stereo chorus
boss rv-5
boss ge-7
Boss ns-2

and obviously, the sd-1 and spark drive.

I just basically want an upgrade:P
the ts9 didnt work well with my xxx
so i dont know if that is what you are looking for
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I say maybe your problem is that you already have your amp on full gain.

I always find that an OD hardly does anything to your amp if the gain is already at full.

if its mid gained youll see more of a tonal change.
Budget wise you cant get a better tightening boost then a Bad Monkey if your on a budget. Other then that Keeley TS9 would work
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take into consideration what THEKID said. whatever gain level you're wanting, you should set your amp a little less than that, and use the OD to push it into the level you want, that's usually what works best. also, if the gain already has the TONE you want, which i assume it should seeing as you have an EQ pedal, then you don't want a pedal that's gonna add too much hair. you might just be needing a transparent boost, which the Fulltone can do great as well as a tubescreamer mode and one other mode, but there are also some pedals out there strictly for clean boosting.

i still stand behind my fulltone.
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"They call him the 'Sand Spider.' -Why? -Probably because it sounds scary"
*Agile AL3000 Les Paul w/ Alnico IIs
*Randall RM50
*Dunlop CFH
*fellow LEO feel free to give a shout out
How about a booster? Like the Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster. Worth a try.
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You could try a MXR ZW OD
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