Im stuck in a guitaring rut at the moment. I sorta play the same old stuff and rarely test myself. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips about getting out of the rut. I just fiddle about with Pentatonics or such like and dont really look into much else but I would love to be more varied in how I play.

Anything is good.

listen to different styles of music

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Things you could try:
^as he said, listen to different styles of music

Try learning theory, this will broaden your playing to much beyond just pentatonic scales

Try getting guitar lessons, if you're not sure where you need to go, a little guidance might be all you need
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Yeah, Listen to different music. This may not sound like much at first but imagine my songs sounding like basic stuff. Nirvana and Ramones style. I thought "I don't need to progress any more in guitar, I can make everything I need here with power chords"

Then I bought Fallout 3, A video game that has music from the thirties to the fifties. About a week later I started to make more cheerful music and started listening to The Beatles and The Presidents of the United States of America a lot more. After numerous other events I am now making much happier sounding music.
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