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I had a friend ask me yesterday if I had a name for my guitar. It was something I had never really thought about before, and at the moment don't have any inclination to do. So, out of curiosity, do you guys name your guitars?
I tend to call them by nicknames of what they are.

For example, Rick refers to my Rickenbacker, and the like.
My RG is called roger
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i dont,
i have a friend who has quite a few guitars and hes named each one after all of his friends (me included)
which we thought was slightly weird
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i named mine searchbar

I named this one "douchebag".

Since mine is ESP I guess I could name it Earl.
my lead guitarist names his guitars, and my drummer has named all his cymbals and snares after all of his girlfriends....
In a way.
I'd name my BC Rich 'Bernardo Chavez Rico', my Dean 'Dean' and my Epiphone 'Epi'XD
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Nope. I kinda want to though. Oh, and not be like these guys at my church who give their guitars guy names......which means I'll have to sand the name Chester off of my Strat's headstock....well, that, and people might think I'm a child molester
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My Martin is named Kayla.
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I named my '74 Black Beauty....Beauty.
But my '61 LPSG Custom could only be 'Darling'
My Eko 12-string was Motherf**kingbast**rdofac***facedbitch (It went out of tune easy)
Still looking for a name for the K6 but maybe gaining character takes time and gigging.
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my fender tele is julia
my schecter tele is caterina
my fender acoustic is adrianne
those are the only ones i named but i have a few more
I never used to, but I just started to because my roommates thought it would be a good idea.
I do, but I never say to anyone I keep it to myself.
But it would be "Izy" after the young lady who teach's me.
My acoustic has a name, but I didn't name it.
I played "Wind Cries Mary" on my Martin 000-15 right after I got it, and my friends heard it and started calling it Mary...somehow the name has sort of stuck.

Whenever I wanted to name a guitar, it never fit, but when it was forced upon it, I like it.
Interesting, never thought to name it before but I think Ill name my Yamaha after the band *****, Rachel - Since all my buddies have played the Yamaha the most. My Dean however, Ill have to think os something fitting...
My PRS's name is Annabelle, my Ibanez acoustic is Isabella.
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My electric is Charlotte because it reminds me of a black widow spider.
My Washburn is named Amber, my Ibanez's initials are P.O.S.
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No names in particular, but I often refer to my guitar as Sound Sabre, Boom Stick, Ax, Bad Bitch, or something similar.
my 6string ibanez is Hacha (which is espanol for axe)
and my 7string rg iban is Pestullio (means nothing but sounds italian)
Never named a guitar, but maybe I should, since I spend as much time with them as people. I always just call it THE GEE TAR
My acoustic is called "The Don"

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Naming inanimate objects is weird to me. Maybe if I was really good at guitar it would be different.
no name for my acoustic or my strat but I call my les paul Black Betty
Call me Dom
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My SG is Roxanne.
And my Les Paul is Liberty.

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My first guitar is Jon Marc
Les Paul is Vanessa
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Strat is Jessica
Breedlove Acoustic is Sarah
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I name them for a history they're attached to. My acoustic is named Bill, as my uncle Bill owned it before he died, my KH-202 is Kirk, because it's a Kirk Hammett signature, my old Kona Strat is Piece o' Crap, because it is. My new Eclipse is named Ol' Blue right now, but I'm thinking of re-naming to something like Jessica, but all of my friends know about that, and I'd catch a lot of jokes from them about naming it after my ex.
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I had a friend ask me yesterday if I had a name for my guitar. It was something I had never really thought about before, and at the moment don't have any inclination to do. So, out of curiosity, do you guys name your guitars?

Yea i do have a name for my guitar actually. I named my guitar Jose.
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