I'm having problems finding an adapter that is compatible with my Dunlop 535Q wah pedal.

It says it requires a 9V adapter and recommends the model "EBC03" but I only find it for sale in the US and I'm in UK! I assume these are only compatible with US hardware and power specifications? Are there any other adapters that will be compatible with this pedal? Maybe someone could point me out to one (I've been playing guitar for just over a year so excuse my lack of knowledge!)

The effect seems to lose character when the 9V battery is running out of energy

Yeah, agreed. And if you only have that one, a single OneSpot would work too, that's kinda the deal...it can be used as a single, or it can be daisy chained out. Just make sure about the polaritys...most pedals are negative tip positive sleeve, but some aren't. Look for the polarity symbol or check with the manufacturer.


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If you have other 9V pedals, you could always pick up a Visual Sound OneSpot adapter.


I use it to power my whole board
Great, I'll take a look, I also have the VOX Satchurator Pedal so a unit like that with multiple connections sounds good

I can only find it for sale in US regions though... I can't see it on ebay or any UK online music shops.

Wait, I've found this:

http://www.dv247.com/invt/42548/ £16.99

Would I need any other equipment to go with it?

Thank you again
I have a 535Q and mine is 18v. How many 9V go in yours.
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Pick up a daisy chain while you're at it. It will allow you to power five 9V pedals with that one adapter.
Visual Sound 1 Spot 9V Power Supply
http://www.dv247.com/invt/42548/ - £16.99

Visual Sound Multi-Plug 5 Cable
http://www.dv247.com/invt/49273/ - £9.78

Is this what I need? Are there cheaper options available? I want to power two effects pedals but didn't expect it to come to £26. Also, does anyone know of other UK websites that are selling this equipment, or similar?

Look at this deal on ebay, £12.99! Does this PSU use cheap components? does it have limited compatibility?
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