Oswald, indie rock band from Glasgow, are now recording their new album!

The band invites everyone to join their street teams and would really appreciate it and will gladly reward their fans!

Street Teams are fan groups which are special and privileged.
All you need to do is create a street team locally in your town/city and choose which way would suit you to help support Oswald!

Street Team activities may include:

- Promoting sign-ups to the Oswald official website and promote R&R World’s Oswald profile
- Creation of your own websites, groups on social networks, blogs about Oswald, etc
- Networking on different social networks to spread the word about Oswald
- Recruiting fans, communicating with fans and friends
- Phoning local radio stations to request an Oswald track
- Writing articles, reviews and distributing them via different media sources
- Promotion missions to hand out flyers in bars/clubs, college campuses, and parties
- Initiating the viral campaign
- Recruiting more Street Team members into your Street Team

And in exchange for your help you will receive a lot of benefits to show our appreciation!

Street Team members will get:

- Music downloads
- Exclusive downloads
- Exclusive ringtones
- Wallpapers
- T-shirts
- Membership Badges
- Autographs
- Personal meetings with artists

and much more, all for free!

To volunteer please contact andrew@oswaldtheband.com

In your e-mail don’t forget to include the town/city where you want to start your street team. Feel free to suggest any ideas!

Don’t forget to visit Oswald's official web-site Oswald
And their profile at R&R