Whats the amp they provide you with at the Berklee Coleege of Music auditions?I heard it was a Fender Deville....does anyone know for sure?

Thanks in advanced
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i played through a twin reverb, but i was accompanying someone on bass.

btw berklee sucks
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i got rejected from berklee. i'm over it though cause they keeping more and more expensive and getting less and less good reviews from students. f*ck 'em. i'd rather go to Musicians Institute of Technology or Full Sail University any day.
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For some reason Xiaoxi(or however it's spelled) comes to mind, but I'm not sure.

Seems like a tube combo would be ideal for them. Wide range of tones, good cleans for jazz players, and some decent overdrive for people who like it a little crunchy. A Fender combo would fit that, methinks.
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You know that new-fangled email thing? You could post them one of those and ask, the stamps aren't as expensive as regular mail.
They hook you up to a set of Hi-Fi speakers.
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are they connected to a stereo amp, that may be tube?

I don't think it's tube...
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A mid-ranged Fender amp.

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