So im looking for an acoustic, and well, this guitar seems mighty fine for the price.
Ive heard that i should look for solid tops, this one has, plus it has an ebony fretboard and also looks pretty cool (i dig the sword inlay )
Just wondering, is there anything wrong with it? anyone played it before? Seems rather cheap..
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Its a great guitar for the money and if you are in UK you might do better at www.guitars.co.uk who is a Cort specialist. He's raving about this one.
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I bought one of those 3 months ago and I absolutely love it. Short review:

Tone: balanced, tight, not boomy, not very loud (good if you have neighbors)

Neck: the ebony fretboard is pure bliss, I absolutely love it. After some getting used to the v-profile of the neck I love the overall feel and playability. The nut is very well cut which results in very comfortable playing at the first fret. The curvature of the fretboard is just right in my opinion. This guitar has jumbo frets which work very well and if you are a metal/hard rock player like me you will appreciate them. No dead spots. The string height is reasonably low.

Electronics: I had a problem with the high E string, it sounded too weak. Had it fixed under warranty and now everything sounds as it should. Expensive and professional sound.

I don't have to mention how killer the guitar looks...Other acoustics just don't cut it for me in this regard...

Hope this helps with your decision. If you're still undecided, I can send you some sound examples.