so a simple question, jus tgot a jackson dk2s, swwet guitar and had it set up at the shop to Drop D with Ernie Ball slinkys
first i didn't want them because some sites said there too elastic for a FR but the technician told me if it's set up right it doen't matter. Now when doing divebomb and pulling the bar up, the G string has come loose from the bridge like 5 times in 2 days, is this because:
-the set up sucks
-the LFR sucks (jackson lt 580 lp (?))
-ernie ball hybrids suck
-the G string of EB hybrids is a LOT thinner than the d string (like heavy bottom, skinny top strings)
-The first time I pulled too hard and my attempts to reattach were crappy?

some help would be appreciated
probably just didnt feed the string in enough, it has happened to me before
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i use ernie ball on a floyed rose and they work great... just make sure when you change strings you tighten the allen wrench bolt on the bridge really tight
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Tried feeding it more string and tightening it tight, it didn't slip out the first tries, let's hope it stays now, thanks
make sure the the bolt is just tight enough , if its too tight the string will flatten making it easier for string slippage, and the jackson trem shouldn`t be the problem