I have a problem with the songs not being a good volume, everything is up to the point that it isnt clipping, but they still arent loud enough.

The songs are here wThis Is Urgent

The songs i recorded are Jacksons winter campaign and Nobody said i was perfect.
They just seem quiet.
If it helps at all, the MySpace player likes to sit at half volume. If you're still having an issue you could throw it in a sound editor and use a compression effect and raise the songs master volume.

Not sure on specifics, sorry. I record to my computer digitally and mix it from there, so that's never a problem for me. Good luck !
Its probably due to the tracks either arent normalled (put at max volume before clipping when converted) or you have one thing that is higher volume than the rest that would screw with your normalling.

Think of it this way

The dynamic range of your song might be 20db (20db between the lowest and highest sound) but that may only be the case because you do a palm mute and the bass is really loud, or there is a snare hit that is abnormally loud. Your dynamic range may only supposed to be 10db for example..

What you need to do is either put a compressor over the whole mix or a limiter. Hope that helps.
You might have to get use some kind of volume maximiser on the final track as part of the 'mastering' process. They're basically very complex compressor/limiters which can increase the volume, at the expense of dynamic range. It's easy to overuse them though (google 'Death Magnetic Volume' if you want a great example).

Although proper mastering plugins can run into thousands of pounds, the freeware plugin 'Upstereo' is a great little tool I've recommended a few times if you you need to make your mixes sound bigger.