i just dont really understand them, how do you figure them out?
how do you know what time its in?
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with my own music, i don't tend to stick to specific time signatures & prefer to alter the time signature to fit the riff (cos it's much easier than changing the riff to fit the time signature )

& i don't usually figure out other bands music, so don't usually need to... & a lot of bands stick to 4/4, but im not sure how to explain but i can sometimes figure it out, if i focus hard enough (which is hard because i think i have A.D.D )
If you can't figure it out just by listening to the song as a whole, try listening to the drumming and the tempo, that's what I do
Start with the second number that is the kind of note that is being in the rhythm e.g. 4 is a quarter note, 8 is an eighth note. The first number is how many times that beat is played in a bar.

So 4/4 is 4 beats of a quarter note. It goes like 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 ( two bars) which is very simple and therefore why it is so popular.

To work it out try tapping you hand in time with it and when you get to the 1 beat tap both hands.

Listen to Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds - the verse is in 3/4 and the chorus is in 4/4 so you can try that and see the difference in the two.
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the top number means the number of beats in the measure (4/4) there are 4 beats in the measure. the bottom number means which beat gets the down beat. (4/4) the quarter beat gets the down beat. A song in 6/8 like my name is jonas or nothing else matters, there is 6 beats a measure and the 8th note gets the beat. but you tap your foot like its in 2/4. also almost all marches are in 2/4 fyi
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