Add some variety, it's just the same thing for about 2 minutes.
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He was too stunned by my fresh truths.

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"And I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you darn kids and your meddling and your breakadowns!"

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Metal is a sub-genre of metalcore since metalcore is more popular therefore better.
Nobody has the same musical interest as you because they're smart enough to not listen to ****ty electro.
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This thread is officially about sucking Sleaze off for a sig.

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Hey Sleaze I'll give you a blowjob if you sig me. Maybe even some nudey photos?

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Sleaze, that made me lulz in my pants.

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hahaha Sleaze i'd give you my mom for that one.
all the songs sounds like if you would hit that little demo button on a really cheap keyboard.
download frutie loops or reason and buy a midi keyboard, that way you can make some beats and stuff for your music.
ojwonderbread, stop bumping your thread with spam.

other than that, the music is a little flat. it doesn't really go anywhere.
I'm not even going to listen to this and spare myself the sadness that will ensue.
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It's spelled khoyaschotsii. Trust me, I'm a Native American. My name is Running Rainbow.
this stuff is so freaking funny XD
That goofy Trumpet hoink at 'Trumpits be Bumping' XD
I lol`d for like an hour