Hi there. I will be buying a strat month but can't decide whether to get an American Standard or an American Deluxe. At the moment I am leaning towards a Deluxe but I am curious to know the difference between the 'American Strat single coil pickups' in the Standard and the 'Samarium Cobalt Noiseless' in the deluxe.
Cobalt Noiseless are better, less feedback and more tone
Single coils are bad for feedback, but noiseless cut down on that a lot

I have a Lonestar Deluxe and its awesome, minimal ffedback on high gain, and it has a Pearly Gates bridge hum
Hi, i got a deluxe last november, all i can say is its a beautiful guitar, the neck is so smooth and its such a nice guitar to play, the s1 switching that comes with the deluxe is also useful and i tend to use it quite often. The locking tuners are a godsend as well, string changes literally take 30seconds! Hope that helps
I like the SCN pickups - about the same hum as a bucker. They're not especially vintage sounding but the stock standard ones aren't that brilliant. The main difference between the two guitars is the feeling of a tad more quality in the deluxe. Go try.
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