My band are playing for a family's wedding anniversary (a 50th) and we want to put a range of well known songs in, nothing too heavy, nothing to obscure and from the 50s through to now.

We were thinking one from each decade and we have settled on the Beatles for the 60s but if you have any good ideas for other decades or just good songs hit me. Band has guitar, bass, drums and we can have keyboard/synth or 2nd guitar if necessary.

So come on help me out here.
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Elvis, Flock of Seagulls, U2, Supertramp, and maybe some BeeGees
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Cliff Richard, hasn't he had a number 1 single in every decade since like 1950?

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A Guns N' Roses song they'll all know like Sweet Child Of Mine or Paradise City ?
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are you into Led Zeppelin? they have great songs which would be great for a wedding anniverary

also: Queen, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Muse (one of their ballads, maybe Unintended)
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