I have only been playing for a few months now.

I was almost sold on the line6 sprIII 75 because
I don't know how to set the settings for songs.

But I did play a super champ and
really liked it. So I bought it.

What voices or settings would you use for?

wild thing
day tripper
sunshine of your love
house of the rising sun
sweet home alabama
pretty woman
takin care of business
knockin on heavens door

Would you have recommended a different
amp practice amp in the 15-30w range?
I wanted a 10 or 12 inch speaker.
$200-400 range. headphone jack.
Another store said the Peavey Vypyr 30.

You def. should of went with the Vypyr...
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You def. should of went with the Vypyr...

Should of went? He didn't say he bought it yet.
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I can return the super champ if needed but I do like it.
It has no jack, can I plug headphones into it?

I would have no problem having two different amps.

Also, I have an HSS strat (mexico) if that helps.

You can't plug headphones into the superchamp

I'd try voice 7 or 8 for sunshine of your love, sweet home alabama and knockin on heaven's door.

I'd rather have the superchamp than a vyper, but I don't play with headphones.
The Super Champ XD is so awesome. You'd regret getting a Vypyr for that.
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my advice is to not waste time getting sounds youve heard on other songs, but just mess around until you find what sounds like YOUR sound.

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I use the clean channel mainly for practice but
sometimes I like it when it sounds like the song.