I just received a free Epiphone Electar Tube 30. problem is it has a problem.

when I turn it on, it will make a slight buzz if on overdrive. I can adjust the buzz with Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, and Gain, so I think all the knobs are good. When I plug in guitar (which I know is good) nothing. The only other choices are line out and Ft. Switch (which I don't have).

Do I have a bad tube? there are four tubes in the back. is there a way of testing them? I have a multimeter.

If I need new tubes, what kind should I save up for?

so many questions, and so little time.
It doesn't make anynoise when I plug in or move the guitar cable around. I thought maybe the line in was bad.
stand further away from the amp.
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ok, I think I explaned everything wrong. no sound comes out of my amp. nothing, zero, nadda.

the ONLY sound I get, is if I hit overdrive button, and crank volume and gain. then I get a slight buzz.
Im assuming that the lights are coming on so its not the power source, so Its probably going to be your wiring. Carefully examine all of the wires inside the box. All wires should be firmly soldered at both ends. If you can see any breaks anywhere some soldering is needed.
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I opened up the part that said "CAUTION don't open" and looked in the brain of my new amp.

There were repairs (I think) to one spot (near the LINEIN). I took of the plug where the wires had been repaired. the plug came apart, and when pushed back in, the male part when back through the circuit board.

So I carefully pushed everything back into place, plugged in the amp and... still nothing.

Should I take it all apart, solder the pin back onto the circuitboard and get a new plug?