I have come up with a good accoustic arrangement! Its an accoustic song like ..... "Lucky Man" By The Verve, Alot different though! But I am struggling to write some lyrics and I am hoping you could give me a hand!

One of my best friends of mine started to like my other best mates! And she tells me everything about what he's said and its quite funny! My best mate likes her (its obvious) but he won't admit it! We have been making jokes on and off for the last 2 months etc. But i have just felt like i hear it from both of them, but i dont say anything! And they kinda know they like each other, but they dont know whats been said to me! And from my perspective its been a good laugh to watch! Infact its just been great showing how life is really about! A good time with friends really! But last month (Feb) She had a bit of a downfall and she went away for a weekend! To sort some things out! But she came back having more of a laugh! We go pub, we go over other mates houses, were having a bonfire tomorrow etc. I can see them gettin together! And i know its early but i could actully see them married!! But I want to write a song about the story sort of... From my perspective! And im finding it hard to find the words!!

I want to talk about the way they look at each other and play, and her downfall but she came back better! Our laughs and our good times!

Something that i can play them and sing!

Any help!?