So the crew of High School Musical was singing and Bach was at a restaurant...

So Troy, Gabrielle and Sharpay were singing at a performance. They were all on key, except Sharpay would always be flat.

Why was this happening?


Bach walks into a restaurant with a girl, taking her out on a date. They eat, he sees the bill, and leaves. Why?
close this ****.
oh right

I take it you all know that guitar is the only instrument where you can break your G string while fingering A minor?
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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Because Sharpay is a dumb skank...

(maybe something to do with her name being sharp???)
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Wow. Please, someone take one for the team and pear it up in this thread cuz I'm soooo fucking lost right now
Sharpay was flat because she had just been anally raped by a leprachaun

and Bach was a stingy cunt
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