The guitars I currently have are:

Acoustic -
Ibanez EW20BMENT - The Exotic Wood series, burled maple
Ibanez TCY10

Electric -
Ibanez s470
Hamer slammer strat copy
Schecter Devil Custom
Dean V-Inferno

I've had the s470 for almost 10 years, and the EW for 2. I just replaced the neck on the s470, because it was warped, and now no amount of truss rod adjustment can take a 4 fret dead spot out of the EW. I've only had it since August of 07, and it appears the neck is warped on it as well. They have always been stored in the case, or hung from a string swing on the wall, or more recently on a hercules stand. I've gigged with the EW the whole time I've owned it. Should I be storing them differently or what? The Hamer neck is still perfect and I've had it longer than the s470, and I've had the TCY10 longer than the EW, only paid $125 for it and the neck is GREAT on it!!!
I believe you have a serious case of what we call the 'Neck-Warping Demons'.
Try spraying holy water on your guitars.
I'm back. Cower in fear, mortals.

Claudio Sanchez is my hero.
case closed.

also if the truss rod isnt the problem you may just need to shim the neck..
DUDE I have the same problems with all my FLOYDS. I have Ibanez s470 low action minimal fret buzz and a Schecter Damien 6 fr low action dead notes if action is raised a lil high on the trem side high e of bridge notes clear up. Your probably just being very picky about them and want them to play as if they were a 2,000 dollar guitar. Just play them, set them up as precise as possible and play them all. Each flaw makes each one unique. If you don't like it, invest in a very expensive guitar and make sure its perfect before you take it home TREMOLO GUITARS are very fishy! My Schecter Omen 6 plays like a charm no buzz no problems and it gets beat all around.
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