My bandmate is desperately trying to upgrade from his Spider 3 before we gig, and he likes Marshalls, and found a good deal on a Valvestate 8080, and I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on this amp, just so he doesnt make another $300+ mistake. It looks like a good amp, but we just wanna be sure.
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II assume you play metal.... Screw Marshall's, the new ones suck, and the only good Marshalls are the old tube models (IMO). I would get a used B-52 AT-112.
I just sold my 8080 with scratchy pots for $75.

Whatever amp $300 gets me on Craigslist

Get a Vypyr 75 for that kind of cash if you don't have FX ( Or even a Vypyr 30 with a Sampera 1). Get a used Classic 30 if you do have pedals already.