I just bought a marshall jcm 800 from craigslist, but it is missing the front grill on it. So i made a clear plexglass front for it. But I am trying to put some sort of light in it so it will glow like a H&K amp. what should I use????
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open flame.

it'll flicker and shit.

serious answer - LED's. what color are you thinking?

addendum: and unless you are feeling really adventurous, you will need another power source for the LED's.
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I was going to go with red. that was going to be my next question about a power source. should i just run it off of a battery pack 4-AA or a 9v
they need to be decently bright LED's, with more than one or two, so at least 9V i would imagine.

addendum: it is done plenty. i dont know of anyone specifically on this forum though. it is a simple LED circuit, so it shouldnt be anything overly hard. look for schematics on google for what you want.
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Has any one else done this before?

i did it with a guitar.

use LEDs, power them with 9 volts

REMEMBER to use proper resistors to prevent blowing out the LEDs [if needed]

dont go cheap on the LEDS btw. cheap ones look like sh*t

EDIT: if youre going with red, then decent LEDS should cost around 3-5$ per light.
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