The king on his new throne.

My new Orange 4x12 angled!

Got a great deal on this. I live in the middle of nowhere in Va, and I had been looking on ebay/craigslist for the longest time for one of these. I had asked all the po-dunk music stores around here if they knew anyone that dealed Orange in the area, and they knew of none. So I drive about 30 mins north to a town that's a little bigger than the one I live in and walk into a hole in the wall music store and sure enough-the guy deals Orange.

So I ask him how much he could get me one for (everywhere I had looked online was like 999-1059 new) and he quoted me at 730! So I leave the store and call him back later to give him my information for the purchase and he tells me he gave me the warehouse price, but he'd stick with it. I def. lucked out.
Congrats, though I'm sure it's a NCD
I wanna get an Orange PPC412 to pair with my 6505, compliment each other really well. How are you liking it so far?
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Awsome. What dod you have before?

Had a 6505 straight.

As far as I can tell it sounds pretty sweet. They go together well.
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Congrats, though I'm sure it's a NCD

NGD= New Gear Day.