can someone give me some easy tapping songs? i mean i can play smile in your sleep already, so im in the mood for trying this out xP
taping solos there are many of, especially van halen but they not so easy EXCEPT eruption... it's a must for tapping

then you can try the crazy train solo, and the solo for one (but it's very short time the tapping last in those songs)

Favorite solos:

Comfortably Numb
Since I've Been Loving you
Wicked World
Mr. Crowley
Welcome To BucketheadLand
Perfect Crime
The Lemon Song
the first part of the solo to One by metallica. It's simple (sounds a lot harder than it is) and awesome.
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devils island by megadeth the intro tapping is easy and hook in mouth also by megadeth has a decently easy tapping solo hope it helps