We've been practicing at people's houses and stuff, but we can't always because parents can only deal with so much loud music and such. Where do you guys actually practice with your bands? We need a good place.
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Invest in some cheap but effective soundproofing.
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in our garages?
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in our garages?

That would be awesome.
Me and the guys in my band all met through the music school we go to (not an actual school, just a guy's business, he put us together and we clicked). So we pay him I think $600 total for around 3 months to practice with some of his equipment in his studio once a week for an hour or two. He makes extra money and at this point we don't even need him around for our practices and we get a great rehearsal space and the use of his gear. Pretty sweet deal for us.

Try looking for a local jam hall. I know a guy around here who is building one from the ground up, he plans on putting 6-8 soundproofed rehearsal spaces in the building and renting them out at a monthly rate. Might want to look on craigslist, I frequently see people with rehearsal spaces looking to rent them out.
In a basement or spare room. Soundproof it. Gotta love egg cartons haha
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Egg cartons and pizza boxes. Our band stole a bunch of pizza boxes from panago and used them.
we hire a place out because we can only rehearse at night, two of our bandmates live in apartments and because the location of the rehearsal studio is pretty central to all of us.

Plus, i find that we become more productive when we're actually paying for studio time (the going rate is relatively cheap too, $60 for 4 hours, so about $15 per person, which eventually kinda balances out the extra travel costs if i were to repeatedly travel to my drummer's house).
Garage, and just hand some blankets, egg cartons (the big 10x10 ones), posters, anything basicly, that would hang on a wall. We have some blankets and egg cartons up, and it pretty much eliminates all the echoing. Just try to cover most of the walls with that stuff, you can barely see the walls in out space. Maybe throw a couch in there, and a closet of some sorts, just to fill the space. Basicly, anything that you put in will reduce echoing, but covering the walls with blankets would be the most efective i would think.
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Depends how old you are and if you have money to spend. My band practices in our drummers basement, and we have a great setup down there, but we're lucky that one of our band members owns a home.
In my old band, we shared a room with another band in a storage building that somehow ended up becoming home to a ton of bands. 4 stories, hundreds of rooms, pretty cheap. Like I said, it was originally for rented storage space, but got converted to jam rooms rented by the month. Find out if there's a place like that near you, rates shouldn't be more than $300 a month for a small room.