Hey there everyone,

After a year of hard work my new/2nd album ‘Cooler than a freezer full of Fonzies’ is available.

I’d describe it as Joe Satriani dropping some X and hitting the stage at Ibiza. Kind of electric grooves with guitar indulgence.

I’d love for you guys to check it out and let me know what you think at:


I had a lot more fun making this than the first, mainly because I had some idea what I was doing this time around. The end result, I feel, is much better than the first album too. But it was not without drama. I dislocated a finger and was out of playing action for a few months, then a computer failure caused half of the song ‘Three hookers and a kilo of blow’ to be lost. I had to piece it back together with recovered scraps, like an audio jigsaw. But at least it made it back to life!

There’s two new clips to check out too, but be warned the ‘Something wicked this way comes’ clip is a bloody/gore extravaganza set against guitar shred, so if you’re squeamish, give it a miss!

Thanks for letting me share my music with you, and again, please let me know what you think.

Chris D
Space Monkey and the Space Monkeys
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Thanks man.
That's weird you can't hear the whole thing. The only track there that isn't full is the 'Octopimp' down at the botttom, the rest are full songs.
Maybe try again later if you have time.
Thanks for listening.
No i don;t mean that...i like it buti get bored with it easily...but i'm the same way with satch and vai so its not bad...i'd actually prefer this.
oh I see. Well there's not alot I can do about that, that's just how I play!
But thanks for listening and thanks for the feedback Shadowplay
Well you're a good guitar player, and I've never really heard anything quite like this, but this just sounds like a backing track to a video game. I'm not digging it too much, just gave me headache. Check out my band? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1086176
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It's spelled khoyaschotsii. Trust me, I'm a Native American. My name is Running Rainbow.
Thanks Gomez, checked out your band, not bad, really liked your clean toned guitars.

Yeah, my stuff might have given you a headache but at least it was something a bit different!

Thanks for listen man