I first did the fret job, it so badly needed: I leveled the frets with a 6" flat mill file and a triangle file, I crowned the frets with a 300 grit offset diamond fret file, and I polished the frets with a dressing stick going through all the grits {the frets were pretty worn down, so I now have what most would call a fretless wonder}..I then sanded the whole guitar down to 320 grit {ever try sanding a black guitar down to bare wood, it sucked, but worth the end result} I hand wiped 1 coat of transparent vintage amber stain mixed with denatured alcohol onto the back, sides, and neck of the guitar, I then sprayed 2-4 very thin wash coats to lock in the stain.....I then filled the grain with clear water based grain filler, after removing the filler residue...I scuff sanded lightly, I then sprayed 1 can of clear sanding sealer in multiple thin coats to get a even build on the finish and to lock in the filler, scuff and level sanding lightly.......I then hand wiped 2 coats of transparent lemon yellow stain mixed with denatured alcohol onto the plain maple top {the wood grain of this guitar had been covered up by the black for so long, so I wanted the wood grain to show through in this finish} I then proceeded to spray the clear top coats on the whole guitar {this is where I ran into some trouble here and there, mostly of the trial and error kind, as this was the first guitar I had ever tried to refinish} I used 20+ cans of aerosol clear gloss nitrocellulose lacquer throughout, I level sanded throughout, and it took that many cans, because I would get runs, sags, and imperfections in the finish, and since I was using aerosol cans it just took that much more lacquer to get a level finish build, and plus any imperfections in the finish I came across, I would just level sand them out....since I already had a pretty thick finish, once I got the finish build to where I wanted it, and after letting the finish cure for 2 weeks, I then re-level sanded the whole guitar with 600 grit up to 800 grit dry, I then wet sanded the guitar with 1000 up to 2000 grit wet, I then hand rubbed it out using medium and fine compounds {now that took lots of elbow grease but, well worth the look} the finish I did on this guitar looks absolutely great....but that’s just the refinish part.......so, here is what else I did to this guitar.........I put gold sperzel locking tuners on it, a locking tone-pros gold bridge and tailpiece, a new gold jack cover as this guitar is done all in gold, 2 new cream pickup rings and a new cream pick-guard, a new pickup selector switch, and all new wiring.......{now originally, I was going to put the zakk wylde set of emg pickups in this guitar, but after trying them out......I just didn’t like them, they didn’t capture the les paul sound I had in my mind for this guitar, they will go into another guitar that I will be building soon}......so I decided to try these "golden age pickups" an over wound zebra neck and an over wound zebra bridge pickup {in the past, I have tried various pickups in this guitar, and none of them have ever sounded like these do}....this is the sound I had in my mind for this guitar and I use each of these pickups with a 300k ohm vol. pot. and a 500k ohm tone pot with .020 cap.......all I can say about this guitar now is........wow........not only does it look absolutely great, but it finally sounds and plays great......i now call it my #59.......
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