which is best? preferably id like to use my amp because i use effects pedals and ive spent ages getting the perfect sound and ive got an amazing les paul tone that sound so good with it, and it be a massive shame to lose it, and i dont think my pedals will even work properly without an amp?

my bandmates are being dicks though today for some reason and are trying to make plug straight in because apparently it will sound better? even if it does sound fractionally less fuzzy, wth is wrong with that anyway and is that really a reason to sacrifice my sound? raw is good, they dont seem to understand at all..
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it depends if you have any decent amp simulators
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it depends if you have any decent amp simulators

straight into mixer tends to sound quite unnatural
compared to micing whichcan sound horrible and fuzzy
I would say mic your amp, but mic it right
spend ages just getting your positioning right, and maybe with 2 or 3 mics
Good luck
and yes, this is probably wrong forum
I would much rather mic the amp. And yes your pedals should work if you plug straight into the PA. I assume it would be like

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I'd say, yes use your amp and mic it. I have never got a good sound out of plugging right into a PA.
Wrong forum, but if micing's a pain, if your amp has a DI output, use that. That way, your amp works as a stage monitor, and your amp goes straight into the mixer.
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