Hi guys

I'm looking for a new guitar to play some metal and i want to know if the ibanez xiphos is a good choice

there're 2 things that i worry about

some people said that the edge III is bull**** and impossible to get in tune; Is it true?

And is the 7 stings editions more useful to play metal?
'tis good, the edge isn't any harder to get in tune than any other double locking trem, most people are prejudice beings it's not an "Official Floyd Rose"
the 7's are good too but don't come with a trem
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lol i just posted this on the other guy's thing.. i guess i'll post it on your's too.

i've played the guitar and my friend owns one the the thing is that the bridge is very cheap (arm dont lock in goes out of tune easy and also dont bend or drop the notes enough like a floyd) also the strap buttons are placed in really bad places so the guitar will ALWAYS stay off balance making it hard to play. and then there is the neck which is like a cheap version of a wizard neck with weird frets that feels like it's medium or small. i love ibanez it's just this guitar that they completely messed up on lol. i like the pick ups and shape lol. that's about it. if you want a good ibanez just get the new rg or r series those can never go wrong. or if they want the shape you could just get a dean razorback/ml or jackson warrior.

hope that helped the other guy seems to find it helpful.
thanx guys

i think i wont buy it
seems to be too much bad impressions

and anyways i prefer the rg!!!
Yeah, go for a RG, look for a used prestige or something, same pricerange, but alot more quality.

Ticklemeasian -> the neck is a Wizzard2 neck, only its painted
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